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Comprehensive Audiology Care in Massachusetts & New Hampshire

At Chelmsford Hearing Group and Nashua Hearing Group, our audiologists are here to help enrich your life with all the sounds the world has to offer. Services we provide include hearing tests, hearing aid selection, fitting and programming, audiologic rehabilitation and counseling/education for patients and their families. By utilizing comprehensive hearing evaluations, we work to find the best hearing solution for you. Our staff is trained in the latest hearing technology and we offer personalized follow-up care to ensure that you remain satisfied with your hearing.

We work in close collaboration with the physicians of Mass ENT to provide superior audiological and hearing aid services.

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Hearing Loss

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It takes an average of seven years for someone to seek treatment for hearing loss. Knowing the signs is helpful for you to act sooner.

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Choosing a Hearing Aid

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There are a wide variety of hearing aid manufacturers and types of hearing aids available; luckily, our expert audiologists are here to help.

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Tinnitus is described as an irritating buzzing, humming or ringing in the ears. The first step in treating tinnitus is to diagnose the underlying issue.

Tinnitus Overview